Importing lights from China is not as difficult as before. If you are deciding on buying lights for your home, hotel, office, or business, you need to seriously take a look at lights that get made in China.

Similar to other building materials we mentioned in past articles, the lighting industry of China has been experiencing rapid growth in the last 20 years. China today is the world’s leading consumer and producer of lighting products.

In the coming few years, China market for home decor products has been facing a booming time compared to other industries. Both manufacturers and imports/exports will lead to an increase. With the rising conscience in citizens’ minds, new housing projects and improving living conditions, there is a growing consumer confidence in home decoration products in China. source

Most of our sourcing lights mainly include below:

Light Factories in China

Chandeliers/Pendant lights

Tube lights 

LED lighting

.Lighting engineering customization

Table/Floor/Wall lamps     

Pin-up lamp 8.Neon lighting         

Lighting accessories: switch,

socket, lighting wire

Outdoor/garden lights       


Night Lights

I. Why buy Lights from China?

There are numerous lighting manufacturers in China. Their products are exquisite and consistent in quality, but they come with relatively low prices. As to our experience, the amount in China is not more than 30% of the other countries’ local price. These factors make importing lights from China a highly attractive option for most international buyers.

It is not that simple to import lights from China, but if you have done your research, you will discover that it is a highly profitable business decision if done right.

Why buy Lights from China?

Reasons to Buy Chinese Lights

1.Lower price

Chinese lights are relatively cheaper in China for these reasons:

  • Mass production lowers production costs.
  • E-Commerce Technology.
  • Superior infrastructure.
  • Heavy Competition.
  • Lower price for Chinese lights
  • Super Productivity.

2.Easy to Assemble

3.Varied and Beautiful Designs

4.Made by Advanced Manufacturing Processes

5.Perfect for Investment Properties

II. Classification of Lights Produced in China

1.Urban Functional Lighting

2.Industrial and Commercial Lighting

3.Domestic Lighting

III. How to Purchase Lights from China

1. Do Research

2.Online Browsing

3.Attend Trade EXPOS

  • Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair)
  • Hong Kong International Lighting Fair

4. Visit China

IV. Where to Buy Lights in China?

  1. Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang
  2. Fujian
  3. Guangdong – interior lighting fixtures

Chinese light suppliers


There are three main lighting shopping malls in Guzhen town. As below:

A. Galaxy Lighting Plaza

B. Guzhen Lighting Times Plaza

C. Star Alliance Lighting Center


Foshan lighting malls

Louvre Furniture Shopping mall has lighting shops, too. The designs are also lovely, but most of the prices are from medium to high. Here is the shopping guide for your reference:

There are some small lighting shops near Sunlink South Furniture Mall. The price is low, but of course, the designs are not the most modern.


1. If you buy a significant quantity, we suggest that you buy from the factories directly because their price will be lower.

2. If you buy for own use like home, office, small hotel, restaurant, you can buy from Guzhen or Foshan malls.

3. If you purchase other products from Foshan, like furniture, tiles, sanitary wares, we sincerely suggest you buy from Foshan. Reasons are as below:

1)Foshan has many beautiful lighting designs for you to choose from, too. You don’t need to go to Guzhen even it is one-hour driving;

2)The price in Foshan is almost the same as Guzhen. If your container should be loaded in Foshan, you don’t need to pay extra delivery charges because Foshan lightings shops can deliver the goods to loading place free.

China has been working in the housing sector for more than two decades. He is now eyeing the omnichannel of innovative home decoration and furnishing.

It is a 4-trillion-yuan ($620.4-billion) market, a cake “too huge to be ignored”.

By launching a platform using Dassault Systèmes’ technologies in transformative digital solutions, BDHOME’s DIY platform aims to provide 3D technologies that can recreate a physical showroom experience online.

China’s home decoration market is making efforts to use Internet technologies to move offline showrooms online, and create one-stop solutions for design and purchase of products and services for home decor. source

V. Problems You May Encounter When Importing Lights from China

The process of importing views from China is relatively easy, but it does come with specific problems.

1.Quality Issues

2.Note Voltage and Plug type





7.Importing Customs Clearance

#Find a sourcing Agent when Buying Lights from China

There are three ways in which you can buy lighting fixtures from China:

  • Purchase on your own direct from the manufacturer.
  • Purchase from a trader.
  • Work with a sourcing agent.

You can take care of the entire buying process for lighting fixtures from a Chinese supplier. You will have a more significant profit margin buy it entails a lot of work and risks.

Your Staff on the Ground in China

A trader will take charge of coordinating with the manufacturer for samples, quotations, ordering, and all the way to ship. Most of them act as sales of the factories. Chinese sourcing agent

A sourcing agent is a person or company based in China that acts as your purchasing agent or representative in China.

Here are the things a sourcing agent can do for you:

It provides you with a list of reliable and trustworthy lighting fixture suppliers.

It helps you get the best prices and quality for the products you are ordering.

Negotiates prices, samples, and deliver with the supplier on your behalf.

Assist in paying the supplier

Monitors the production process to ensure the supplier is conforming to the strict guidelines in the manufacture of lighting fixtures.

Inspects products for quality control before shipment

Handle documentation and shipping

Help out should you have any concerns or complaints about your delivery.

Make sure all things go well as you plan explained an Italian Brand

After-sale services

Working with a sourcing agent will make importing lighting fixtures from China a breeze and will ensure you more profits.

Sourcing agents are a big help. Working with them is just like having your own purchasing office in China handling the day to day rigors of buying lights from this country.

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sourcing agents in China

There are many sourcing agents in China. From individual to companies, the most important thing is to find a professional and reliable person to control your orders. For example, some sourcing agents know the clothes markets very well, but if you ask them to buy the lights for you, maybe they are not a right choice because they don’t know anything about views, how come they find the right suppliers and check the quality. Moreover, it is not wise to hire an agent who is far from the suppliers. Cooperating with a local agent who knows your purchasing products will be more convenient. They can know whether the suppliers are truthful or not and meet them anytime. They can check the goods quickly since suppliers are near them.