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Hello, This is Charlotte. I am your sourcing agent. Working with me sourcing in China will be easy for you. 

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We offer you quality products and services at competitive prices

Comprehensive Sourcing

Identify the reliable factories and qualified products

Logistic Management

Manage the logistic with forwarder

Fair & Exhibition

File the application, arrange samples, custom declaration or transportation, to be present as partner or collect information,  or hotel reservation and pick-ups services…

Manage order

Follow up the order and manage production from sample development , pilot production to mass production


 Negotiate to get you the better deals  with better prices with better terms

Legal matters

Brands & patents registration, legal advices and Legal suits from our professional legal partners 

Quality control

Quality control of production process and finished goods inspection

Lab Test & Certificate

Arrange the professional lab test and file application of test cetificates 


Provide you reports regarding markets, products and industries

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What can you purchase from China through us

We are specialized in:

    Home Textile;

    Wine case,gift box, and accessories;

    Clothes, shoes, fashion accessories;

    Home, kitchen and garden supplies;

    Medical advices;



China factory Production

Due to trade war and the epidemic, many china factories have difficulties to sell their products, which means you would have more choices.

It would be easier for you to purchase with my help.

I have prepared a report. Contact me to get it. 


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Our Latest Projects

Wine gift box and accessories

A french wine company bought wine gift boxes and accessories

Medical Mask

A spanish importer bought medical masks 

Gunpower Tea

A moroco importer bought gunpower tea

Memory foam pillow

a US e-commerce shop purchased 

Sports shirt

 A store owner customized sport shirts

travel cosmetic bags

A e-commerce shop bought travel bags

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New Chinese Products

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