In the past 2 weeks, I have received 60-80 certificates, and only found 5 of them are valid. even some factories and a lot of agencies didn’t realize these certificates they have are not valid. here I cite from European Safety Federation to give you some ideas about suspicious certificates.

So far ‘certificates’ seen on letterhead (or using their logo and/or name) of the following institutes based in Europe (examples at the bottom of this page) :

  • ICR Polska – see update 31/03/2020 and 06/04/2020 below
  • CELAB – see statement on their webpage
  • ISET (Instituto Servizi Europei Technologici) – on their website they have a page with false certificates – see
  • ECM (Ente Certificazione Macchine) – also a picture of a mask with identification number of the notified body ECM 1282 next to CE – ECM is not a notified body for PPE, so this marking is certainly not valid) – see update 03/04/2020 below
  • NPS
  • Amtre Veritas
  • STS Inspection and Certification
  • VIC Testing and Certification
  • BSI : we have also added an example of a ‘certificate of compliance’ issued by ‘BSI, London’ which is clearly (and confirmed by them) not issued by the Notified Body for PPE BSI. 
  • BSI : we have an example of a BSI EU Type Examination Certificate that has clearly been changed and is thus a fake document – this is confirmed by the Notified Body for PPE BSI.  

So far ‘certificates’ seen on letterhead (or using their logo and/or name) of the following institutes based in China (examples at the bottom of this page) :

  • CIC (Shenzhen CIC Testing Technology)
  • Huaxun (Shenzhen HX Detect Certification)
  • ENC (East Notice Certification Service)
  • HTT (Shenzhen HTT Technology)
  • ITC (Shenzhen ITC Product Testing)
  • BTK (Guangzhou Bestek Testing Services)
  • Micez (Shanghai MICEZ Testing & Technical)
  • Huawin (Shenzhen Huawin Testing Certification)
  • LTT (Shengzhen LTT Testing Technology)
  • AST.LAB (Aerospace Testing Technology (Shenzhen)

Also ‘declaration of conformity’ on letterhead of institutes (or using their logo and/or name) that are clearly not compliant with the EU PPE legislation (examples at the bottom of this page) :

  • Nova Certification (based in Greece) – the Notified Body Nova (not notified for PPE assessment but for other types of products) confirmed that the example of the ‘declaration of conformity’ is a fake document
  • GTS (Global Testing Services, based in China)

Above information is updated by European Safety Federation.

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